The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent's FundThe MEGS Fund is under the direct control of the M.E. Grand Superintendent.
It is primarily set up for the disbursement of charitable gifts to deserving persons or causes. The fund brings instant relief to those in need and runs from the kindness and true Companionship of all Royal Arch Masons in Devonshire.

The grants below are just a small selection recently distributed from the MEGS fund:

£12,000 to the Royal College of Surgeons

£200 to Macmillan Nurses through a person who did a Pyrenees Bike Ride for Charity

£1500 through Exmouth Royal Arch Masons for their donation to Prostate Cancer Fund arranged by EComp. Nigel Bradford.

£1000 to St Lukes Hospice Plymouth with two Companions wives doing the Midnight Walk

£1000 through Jordan Chapter

£1000 to West Devon Open Group

If any Chapters have suggestions for donations, or if they are giving support somewhere, then a doubling of the donation can be considered through the Megs Fund which is so kindly supported by the Companions of the Province.
Please contact the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, EComp. Peter Roberts for further details