jteamThe "J Team" formally known as The Provincial Support Team is designed to promote true Companionship, to help Chapters enhance their meetings, especially on an Exaltation evening, to ensure that any Candidate experiences a true H.R.A. welcome when becoming a Companion of our wonderful Order, so truly denoted "The Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch". All Companions can be a part of the team, and everyone who joins us is considered a valuable Companion of The Team.

The team spreads the happiness of the H.R.A. The more companions who join us, the better, especially as companions can choose when it is convenient for them to come to a meeting to support a chapter. We go to support and enjoy companionship. We pay for our own meals so there is no drain on the supported chapter involved. I email companions on future Chapters, dates, times and venues as soon as known.

If there are any Companions who would like to join the Support Team, please let me have your email address via the Provincial H.R.A. contact page so that I can add and welcome you to "The Support Team". If any chapters would like our support, don't be afraid to ask. I would be delighted to arrange a Team visit. The Support Team wants to visit. Its our pleasure as Companions of our Order.

There is no obligation at any time. As a member of the Team, if you can then thank you. If you cannot, then hopefully next time. Please support another Chapter. I thank everyone most sincerely for your support, now and in the future.

E.Comp. David Jones
Co-Ordinator "The J Team"