pgm simon ugle mvLast Wednesday our Provincial Grand Master Ian Kingsbury paid a visit to The United Grand Lodge of England, but this time he didn’t have to go all the way to London.

Simon Wills, General Manager of the world famous Babbacombe Model Village, had invited Ian to view the latest introduction to their collection, an exact replica of the iconic Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street, also included in their new City display is a model of Mark Masons Hall. These had taken many months to build and when our PGM saw the finished buildings he couldn’t believe his eyes, he said that although he towered above the Grand Lodge in many ways it showed the immense efforts that are going in to making the new MCF 2023 Festival the success it is going to be and he felt that because of the hard work that the Freemasons of Devonshire were putting in to making it succeed he was being made to feel like a giant amongst masons.

The main reason for the visit was to check the preparations for the forthcoming weekend of the 7th & 8th July when all Devonshire freemasons and their families will be welcomed into the Babbacombe Model Village for half the normal cost of entry. They will all have a great day out and be able to view the fabulous miniature displays in the beautifully manicured four acres of award winning gardens which are so carefully tended by their six ground staff.

The village which has been open since 1963 houses hundreds of model scenes of famous and iconic buildings which can be found around the country, surrounded by waterfalls and water features and includes over 13,000 miniature residents who live there. The General Manager Simon Wills has also kindly offered to donate 50% (after accounting for VAT) of the already much reduced entrance fee to help fund the MCF 2023 Festival.

Simon Wills with mini PGM
PGM sees double

One of the fun parts of the day when visiting the village is a game that has been played by us all at some time in our lives, “Where’s Wally?” where you have to search amongst the inhabitants of the village for this little character, but just for the masons who attend, the new competition is to be “Where’s Kingsbury?”, he is pictured here with his alter ego, the rest is up to you. There are no prizes for finding him but please let Simon know that you have and where you saw him.

Details of how to download the discount voucher can be found here - model-village-admission-at-half-price
Clive Eden.