At the Installation Convocation of Fortescue Chapter No.847 on Wednesday 21st March 2018, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Devonshire, E.Comp Simon W. Rowe presented E.Comp. Harry W.A. Softley PPGSN (Middlesex), with a 50 year Certificate in recognition of, and sincere appreciation for, Fifty Years dedicated service to Royal Arch Masonry.

E.Comp. Harry Softley was Initiated on 23rd September 1963 into Ruislip Priory Lodge No.7290 in Middlesex and joined later Fortescue Lodge No.847 becoming WM in 2003. He was Exalted into Harefield Chapter No.7417 in January 1968, served as MEZ in 1977 and was appointed treasurer from 1977-1988. He was a founder of Arther Hollins Chapter No.8785 in Middlesex in 1981 and served as MEZ in 1985. He was appointed to Provincial Chapter Rank in Middlesex to PPGPSoj in 1982 and promoted to PPGSN in 1993.

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Moving to Honiton in Devon he then joined Fortescue Chapter No.847 in 1996, served as ‘J’ in 2010 and ‘H’ in 2011 but then stood down due to his late wife’s deteriorating health, caring for her until she passed away August 2017. On presenting the certificate, E.Comp. Simon Rowe, MEGS gave on behalf of everyone his best wishes and congratulations to E.Comp Softley. The Companions applauded most warmly.