hauley chapter sea cadetsThe Masons from Hauley Chapter, Dartmouth have sponsored three of the cadets from TS Dartmouth Sea Cadet Unit enabling them to take part in an off shore sailing week during the coming year.

£600 was raised by the members of the Chapter which meets in Hauley Hall, Dartmouth, The master Morris Huck and the charity steward Paul Trewin visited the cadet headquarters BRNC, where the presentation was made to Will Davis, Officer in Charge of TS Dartmouth Cadet Unit, he was accompanied by Cadets 1st class Murphy and Didsbury also Leading Cadet Greening who also has the honour of being the 1st Sea Lords Cadet of the year for the Southwest.

Will Davis when receiving the cheque said how grateful they all were for the superb amount raised on behalf of the three cadets, saying that the money would go towards the three cadets adventure which has a total cost of almost £1000, the job of raising the balance is in their hands which will be seen as another measure of their determination to succeed, not only in this task but in life.

The photograph shows L to R. Maurice Huck, Cadets Murphy & Didsbury, Will Davis & Paul Trewin.

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Clive Eden
Provincial Press Officer