The true act of brotherly love that one comes to expect of a Freemason was shown last Saturday at the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting held at the RICC Torquay when I inadvertently drove my car over the edge off a 2 foot deep ramp leaving one front wheel hanging in mid-air and the rear one up off the ground while trying to find a parking space.

I thought I was not only stuck but also in for an expensive extraction from my predicament. But I was wrong, three companions immediately came to my aid spending over half an hour of their day working out how to rescue the situation, which they succeeded in doing.

It is very remiss of me not to know the names of two of them or which chapter they belonged to, but I wish to thank them and especially John (and sadly I don’t know his surname either) who worked out a way to extract my car from the hole I was in without a thought to their duties that day or to the state of their hands or clothes.

It would be nice to be able to thank them properly or even just buy them a pint, so if anyone knows who they were or will own up to being the ones who helped I would be very grateful to be able to put a name to the face.

Clive Eden
PPrSGW & IPZ Chapter of Union