A busy Installation Meeting at Perseverance Chapter No 164.

February’s gathering saw a full house in Sidmouth which was very obvious in the bar/dining room.  Once the Chapter had been duly opened a procession of Provincial Officers were formally received into the Temple.  It was led by E Comps Chris Roach, Deputy Grand Superintendent, John Sevieri, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, and Chris Pengelly, Past Grand Superintendent.  They were accompanied by visitors from Somerset in the persons of E Comps Barry Woodside, Deputy Grand Superintendent (Som) and Maldwyn Davies, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal(Som).  They were also supported by around twenty further Grand and Provincial Grand Officers.

Once the Deputy Grand Superintendent had been formally received by, and exchanged greetings with, the MEZ the rest of the members of the procession took their seats.  Just before the Induction of the new Principals E Comp Chris Taylor, the MEZ, announced that there was another item of business to attend to that was not shown on the summons.  This was to be in the hands of H, E Comp Jeff Bailey.  Rather than attempt to recollect his words there follows his own description of what the presentation was all about.

“Those who have been through the Royal Arch Chapter Chairs will know, and others can read in the ritual book, that during the inner workings two of the Principals Elect are anointed with oil. The ritual refers to using a “horn of oil”. Well, Perseverance Chapter No.164 never had a “horn of oil”.  We used a small bottle of oil with an even smaller cork. Over the years the cork broke and wasn’t replaced so the oil began to smell a bit rank and then during the recent robbery the burglars used the remainder of the oil to cool the disc cutter blade!  So we needed to replace our anointing oil. During my travels around the Province I had seen several fine examples of “horns of oil” so spurred into action by our loss I obtained a ram’s horn, cleaned it up and varnished it and inserted a bottle of frankincense and myrrh anointing oil from Jerusalem into the end.“ In the first picture Jeff is shown presenting the horn to Chris.


The second picture shows the visiting dignitaries with the outgoing Principals.  From the left in the front row are E Comps Jeff Bailey H, Chris Taylor MEZ and Brian Ludford J.  Hiding behind are E Comps Maldwyn Davies, Barry Woodside, Chris Roach and John Sevieri.

The induction of the new Principal was completed smoothly and swiftly as was the Installation of the new officers.  I did hear an observation that E Comp Jeff Bailey did seem to be getting the hang of the job … at last.  Once the meeting was completed it was back downstairs for the scrum in the “robing area”.  Then another minor tussle at the bar before finding ones seat at table among the 75 or so places that were marked.  It certainly was a very fraternal and boisterous evening.  A reasonably early finish was achieved and, as far as I could tell, everyone left in very good humour looking forward to how the new team will perform in the coming year.