Burnham-on-Sea became the venue for 9250’s annual trip into Somerset on the 29th January. The Executive Teams from both Provinces were well represented among the visitors. At the announced hour the MEZ, E Comp Tim Coleridge, led the opening of the Chapter. Shortly after, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp John Sevieri, was admitted and announced the dignitaries who were waiting to join the assembly.

devon somerset farmers 01
devon somerset farmers 02

The procession, which consisted to two Grand Superintendents, some of their Executive members and a fair number of supporting Grand Officers, was duly received and seated.

In this first picture we see, l to r, E Comps Simon Rowe (MEGS Devonshire), P Waterman H, Tim Coleridge MEZ, N Male J and John Bennett (MEGS Somerset).

With the dispensations read the rest of the early business was attended to, with E Comp Bob Moore (DGS Somerset) giving the opening address. Then the main item on the Agenda was attended to. After a successful ballot for the evening’s candidate, the Exaltation of Bro Paul Christopher Dimond was soon well under way. In the style that is now being generally adopted in the Royal Arch the prose was shared amongst the Principals as well as among the Sojourners. In the unfortunate absence of the Principal Sojourner E Comp R Nott substituted in an efficient manner. The ceremonial progressed well and soon both the explanation of the signs and the Mystical Lecture were presented to the Exaltee who was by then, I believe, feeling somewhat overwhelmed and mystified by all that had taken place.

Here we see Comp R Hill, E Comp R Nott, Comp P Dimond and Comp R Winter now all much more relaxed after a successful ceremony.

Once everyone was settled the MEZ continued with the rest of the evening’s business. The closing address was given by the Janitor, E Comp T Swingler, while his post was efficiently covered by the IPZ, E Comp Sid Lunn. After the dignitaries had retired the final business was completed and the Chapter closed in due form. It was not long before everyone reassembled in the dining room/bar. An excellent meal was served and consumed and once again I was enabled to indulge my passion for “Cottrell Clotted Cream”.

Here looking very relaxed after what had been a very satisfying evening for them are the Chapter Principals (E Comps Waterman, Coleridge and Male).

With most of the toasts completed some of the visitors who had to return to the South Coast took their leave and retired. I do hope those on table 4 enjoyed the raffle prizes I was unable to stay and collect and if the Companion who borrowed the plain black tie can return it via anyone who is visiting Sidmouth in the near future it would be much appreciated. I trust all those attending had as enjoyable and pleasant an evening as those in our car did.