Ex Comp Simon Rowe - Most Excellent Grand SuperintendentI welcome you all to the website of the Holy Royal Arch Province of Devonshire.

It gives Royal Arch Masons of the Province and around the world an opportunity to visit and enjoy this website and keep in touch with the progress of our Order and the news and events which take place within our Province.

I hope that Chapters and Companions will contribute information to develop the website, thereby, maintaining a continual interest, for members and non members.

We happily welcome to the website Craft Masons who have not yet completed their journey through “Pure Ancient Masonry”, to see the progress our Order has made in recent years. The Holy Royal Arch Degree enlightens and teaches the practice of virtues incorporated in the Craft.

For as a Master Mason he only possesses a worldly aspect of Freemasonry, through, “Brotherly Love Relief and Truth”, but will now be invited to consider a Spiritual context of this code of conduct in life. This completes the Masonic Journey and he now achieves the summit and perfection of Ancient Masonry, which in our Ritual is denominated, the “Essence of Freemasonry”.

The Companionship and Teaching of the Holy Royal Arch will enable you to find an even happier and deeper relationship with your fellow man, and importantly, with your God. I hope this message will inspire a greater perception of the values of Royal Arch Masonry.

E.Comp. Simon Rowe - M.E. Grand Superintendent